"If that moment comes, we'll face it together, and we'll make the right decision.  You are not alone, Kathryn."
"Three years ago I didn't even know your name.  Now I can't imagine a day without you."
- Chakotay and Kathryn   Scorpion I

Welcome weary traveller.  This site is home to my stories and drabbles, wallpapers and piccaps.  There are also text links and banner links to some of my favourite sites, and webrings which will take you to yet more wonderful sites.  The Miscellanea section has all the other little bits and pieces that I have collected - some of my reponses to episodes, some silliness created during those late night chats, and conventions reports and pictures.  I also slimlined my P/T site, all the content can be found now in this site.

There used to be more here, but the site was too big for me to maintain as well and as often as I would like.  There are many other, and far better, pictures galleries, and so my pictures have been removed.  I've also decided to retire my Nebula Award, however I have left the winners on the page.  Lastly, the lyrics section has also been removed.

I've been in this fandom for a long time now, and I'm still on far more JetC and J/C lists than is healthy - sadly a heavy workload and a hectic life mean that I'm no longer a very active member.  I also maintain the JetCJr site and archives and run the Purple Comet Contest.

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Recent Updates

December 17th 2004
3 new fanlistings: 225 Resolutions, 408/409 Year of Hell, 512 Bride of Chaotica.

December 16th 2004
I have a new host, HostDime.  Also I have a new layout, still keeping the old colours though, including a pretty new header.

Please text link to Peace Rose or feel free to snag one of the graphics above.  No hotlinking.

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