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JetC and JetCJr

The Official JetC Page: Celia's wonderful page, the home of the online JetC community, explaining what JetC is and what we stand for.
The Official JetCJr Page: The online home of JetCJr - fanfic archives, the JetCJr webring, and the 'Beta Bar' a list of willing beta readers.
The Official JetC Story Index: THE JetC Story index - home to most of the J/C fanfic out there.
JetCJr4 / JetCJr5 / Utopia JetCia / JetCJr8 / JetCJr9: JetCJr pond pages.

Janeway/Chakotay & Voyager

Voyager Angel: A wonderful, wonderful site, home to many authors, with lots of puzzles and fun extras.
VAMB: The Voyager Angel Message Board - for over 18's only, it's lively, it's friendly and it's fun.
J/C Ville Library: An extensive selection of J/C links and a large story archive.
Janeway/Chakotay NC-17 Collection: A story archive, exclusively for NC-17 J/C stories.  Worth a visit when you're in need of J/C smut.
J/C Episode Addition Story Index: This index exists solely to provide a listing of episode addition stories - what a great idea!
1001 Voyager Nights: A fanfic series, with parts contributed by many different authors, the stories are diverse but always first class.
JCUK / JCUKjnr: Bringing together J/C fans across the United Kingdom.
Voyager Virtual Season Project: Virtual seasons 8 and 9 of Voyager to keep fans happy when Voyager went off the air.


Caffey's Stories: I highly recommend all Caff's work, it's excellent. I love this page - it's got a great layout, Nieke's fanfic is wonderful, and there's loads of great mIRC scripts.
Coral's Corner: I love Coral's writing - it's great fic and there's lots of it.
Dakota's Star Trek Voyager: Dakota's fic is wonderful, and there's lots to be read.
Gill's Janeway and Chakotay Page: Gilly's fanfic is some of the best and her graphics are amazing.
Jade's Voyager Stories: Jadie's wonderful stories, guaranteed to make you smile.
JinnyR's Voyager Fanfic: Home to another of the fandom's great authors.  Lots of great fic and definitely worth a visit.
Kate's Corner: Homepage of my good friend, Katie.  Her beautiful page has all manner of J/C goodies, including some excellent fanfic.
Kerry's Hiding Place: Kerry's fic is some of the best - hilariously funny for the most part, and with a great handle on the characters.
KJ's J/C Fanfic: I love KJ's fic, it is absolutely first class; I spent a very happy few days working my way through.
Sacajewea: Suz's fics are brilliant, some hilarious, some serious, but all a great read.
Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction: A great site with lots of little bits to amuse and entertain, and some truly wonderful fanfic.
Sylvia's Starbase: The homepage of my good friend, Syla.  Her site is beautiful, and her stories are simply excellent.


The Purple Comet Fanfic Contest: A bi-monthly JC fanfic contest.  Now closed but the archives are worth checking out.
Voyager Fantasy Fanfic League: This site tracks contests and authors entering the contests and there is a league table of authors.
Koffee Klub's Awesome Author Award: An annual J/C contest focusing on the authors rather than one particular story.
Koffee Klub's Picnic Prose Prize: An annual J/C contest - write a story inpsired by one of an array of pictures.
Blue Alert: A J/C NC-17 fanfic contest.
Voyager Talent Night: A regular J/C contest.
Love Through The Years: A regular J/C contest.


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Kate Mulgrew

Totally Kate: Kate's official website - this is the best resource for anything Kate-related; pictures, transcripts, con reports and latest news.


Host Dime: my webhost
LiveJournal: need I say more?
W3Schools: a great web design resource, it's always my first port of call
PHPJunkYard: free PHP scripts
Yahoo!Groups: home to my update list

Link To Me

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