The Nebula Award

For Fantastic J/C Sites

I have decided to stop with this award now.  Voyager is over, less fanfiction is being written, there are less new sites springing up and I feel it is time to stop giving it out. The sites below are those which I felt deserved the award, they are, perhaps, a starting point for good sites and good fiction; but they are by no means a definitive list.  Go and have a look, and if you like them, let their creators know - everyone loves feedback.

Winning Sites

|| Puck's JC FanFic | Gill's Janeway and Chakotay Page | Cormak's Star Trek Voyager Site ||
|| The Captain's Bridge | Fate Works In Mysterious Ways | THE CAPTAIN's J/C & Voyager Fan Fic ||
|| Caffey's Oasis | Lady Firebird's J/C Fiction | Karma's J/C Fanfic Index | NODA's Fan Fiction ||
|| New Earth ~ Their Island of Dreams | Coral And Becky's J/C Page | Kayla's Korner | The Night Owl ||
|| Irye's DeltaQ | The JetC22 Homepage | Kate's Star Trek Site | Kate's Corner ||
|| The Q Continuum - JetC26 | J/C: Friendship In the Delta Quadrant | Heather's J/C Fan Fiction ||
|| Katie's Place | LadyChakotay's Quarters | Voyager Cat | Cassandra's Voyager Site | Sylvia's Starbase ||
|| Voyager Central | | New Earth | J/C Heaven ||

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