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December 17th 2004
3 new fanlistings: 225 Resolutions, 408/409 Year of Hell, 512 Bride of Chaotica.

December 16th 2004
I have a new host, HostDime.  Also I have a new layout, still keeping the old colours though, including a pretty new header.

September 27th 2004
I decided to simply incorporate all of my P/T content into the main site.  There's not much of it, a few links, some fanlistings, a webring and a couple of stories.  The sounds and miscellanea sections were already mixed anyway.  I also made some minor changes to the layout of my stories.

September 22nd 2004
I made 3 new 100x35 buttons for the site, for people who want an image to link but not a hulking great banner.

September 16th 2004
Just tidying up some code and doing some general housekeeping, nothing hugely exciting.  I've changed all of the main page file extensions to .php, the stories are still .html.  I also made a semi-new banner.  It's the old banner with my new URL.

August 20th 2004
I finally bought myself some webspace and a domain name from PinchPenny.  It's something I've been wanting to do for ages.  So now this site may be found at http://peacerose.laitaine.net.  Hopefully this will be the last change for a long time.  Hopefully.  As always, the cjb address will continue to work (however I think they now spam you with ads - bastards how kind).

I've also joined some fanlistings and they can be found on my P/T page and the links page.

February 14th 2004
Added a VAMB button to my index page - I'm a Vambie and damn proud of it!  And I attacked my links page, updated, added and removed dead links.

November 2nd 2003
Two new stories - In The Still Of The Night, which has been entered in the Voyager Talent I Borg Contest and Once Dreamt, a 15 Minute Ficlet - and some new links.

October 2nd 2003
Three new LJ icons and some new links.

September 28th 2003
Finally, an update.  The site is largely the same on the surface, but is very different underneath - I ditched the frames and streamlined the code so pages should be faster to load.  I've done some streamlining of content as well, the site was getting a little big for me to manage and update as often as I would like.  I've removed my picture gallery, there weren't many pictures there and there are many far better gelleries online, it seemed silly to keep it.  The lyrics archive has also disappeared.  I have also retired my Nebula Award, but links to all sites awarded are still at the page.

I have also shifted all of my episode ramblings, convention reports and other trek-related silliness to the Miscellanea page.  My P/T site has also been radically changed, and slimmed to just one page, which can now be found as a part of this site.

I've also moved the site to Fateback - actually http://laura.deep-ice.com/jc/ in an attempt to be rid of some ads, but, as ever, the cjb address - http://peacerose.cjb.net - should always take you to a page that works.

The update has been a long time in coming, I've been fiddling with layouts and styles for a while, but never had the time to actually apply it to the entire site and actually get it to a stage where I was happy with it.  I'm pleased with it, I hope everyone else likes it.  The update has actually been up for a while so I could test it, but I've just now put the finishing touches together.  Enjoy!

June 9th 2002
A new story - Broken.

May 18th 2002
I've added a new wallpaper to the graphics page.  Hope you like it.  As always, comments are much appreciated.  I also had a bit of a fiddle with my site banner, I've never been happy with it, and I finally did something about it.

March 26th 2002
Happy Easter!  New this update, there is some new lyrics a new story - His Hands - and a new drabble - Beautiful.

In addition, the webhosting saga continues...  Envy was down for a while, then merged with another company - so I have moved again.  Hopefully, this will be the last move for a very long while.  Tripod do have ads, sorry, it can't be helped; but they are popups, so if you stick the main window over them you can just ignore them.

Also, I've had a little play with the layout - little reorganisation on the colours, and frames.  Comments are most welcome!

January 12th 2002
Happy New Year!  Long time, no update, I know; school work and uni applications have kept me very busy.  I've been practically forced into an update this time.  My web host, f2s, is discontinuing it's free web hosting services at the end of February, so have had to move.  I looked at a lot of different web hosts, and for now I have settled with Envy.Nu.  It's not perfect, but it'll do for now - and there is a huge bonus of no ads.  In addition, Yahoo!Webring is now just Webring again, so that needed a lot of changing.  I've taken advantage of the opportunity of moving to clean a few things up and reorganise things a bit.

I had a big sort out of my links page - updated pages that have moved and added quite a few links I've been meaning to add for ages.  There's a few new piccaps, some new songs in the lyrics section, some new sounds and I've added 3 new winners of my Nebula Award.

In addition, I've collected all of my drabbles together and placed them on one page - this one - since it was getting ridiculous having them separately.  I also added a new drabble to the page, and my latest story Marry Me is now coded up and has been added.  There is also a bit of silliness I created with some friends in #JetCJr one crazy evening: 47 Reasons Why Star Trek Is Better Than Boys, and I've also got some of my Blackpool convention photos up.

Lastly, my story Goodnight Kiss won Second place in the (Simple) Math Test Marshmallow Contest.

July 15th 2001
A new story Goodnight Kiss (wonders will never cease - I've got a whole lot of fics on the go, but finishing them is proving to be a slight problem...).  Also I have added a new section to the site - Piccaps - a series of screen captures with (hopefully) amusing captions.  Also some new Shippy Lyrics.

June 30th 2001
Just a small little update - I've decided to ditch the frames and I now have the navigation bar - this uses Java, if your browser is not java enabled it will not appear, but should not interfere with your visit here.  The navigation bar was from Dynamic Drive.

June 8th 2001
The site now has a redirect URL - http://peacerose.cjb.net; the entire site has actually moved to f2s - http://www.peacerose.f2s.com but the geocities site is still up as a mirror site.  There is also my new story Mexicana - written in a moment of madness during a hilarious session in the cesspool with Bec and Becci late one night, some new wavs, new lyrics and I made a new banner.  I have also won a site award from Voyager Central - Thank you so much Alicia :)

April 18th 2001
All my WiPs are progressing slowly, hopefully I'll actually have a story finished by the next update!  At the moment there's a new layout, I can't stop fiddling with the layout, it's awful - each time I tell myself I'm not going to change it, then I get an idea and it all gets changed.  Anyway, I think this is better and easier to read and navigate.  I also have a graphics page which currently houses a JC wallpaper I made.  The Nebula Award also has a lot more new winners and my links page has been given a much needed overhaul.  Any feedback will be gratefully received.

February 14th 2001
A new story Red Silk And Roses.

January 1st 2001
A new story Friend and Part 5 of There But For The Grace Of God.

October 29th 2000
A big (long overdue) update.  I finally got around to giving my site the complete overhaul/sort out/improvements it needed.  There's not much new content, I am working on some fic though, promise.  There are loads of new links though.  I have also had to remove the non-frames version of my site.  I'm sorry if that affects you, but I do not have the time to keep two versions of the site, and recently someone copied my site, and so I decided to stick with the frames.  I hope you like the improvements, comments are greatly appreciated (not that anyone actually -reads- this bit.  And I hope the next update doesn't take as long as this one did :)

September 2nd 2000
The first parts of my new WiP 'There But For The Grace Of God' are up.

June 30th 2000
Some new piccies, a new link and a no frames section.

June 25th 2000
This page now uses frames as you might have noticed.  Ooooo!!  There will be a no frames page coming, it's not ready yet, but I was too impatient to get this up.  Please tell me what you think :)  Also, read my Fair Haven ramblings (contains spoilers, unsurprisingly).

June 16th 2000
A new layout to the Piccies page (it uses Java) and the page has a new colour scheme.

May 13th 2000
Happy Resolutions Day!!  A new story 'Challenges' that I wrote with my friend Yarb.  6 new piccies.  Also, I have altered one of my drabbles slightly because I wasn't happy with it - I Love You - and two new winners of the Nebula Award.

April 15th 2000
New winner of the Nebula Award, and a couple of new links.

April 9th 2000
More new lyrics, a new fanfic I wrote with Shorty 'Pride And Prejudice', the wavs page has been given a new look and a new winner of the Nebula Award has been put up.

March 5th 2000
This entire site has moved to http://www.geocities.com/mysticnebula/jc/peacerose.html.  Also new winners of the Nebula Award have been put up and 3 new lyrics have been added to the lyrics page.

March 4th 2000
The main page has been updated with the 'shaded out' Sev Trek cartoon #69.

March 1st 2000
A new fic Culinary Delights.

February 26th 2000
A new redirect URL - http://beam.to/peace_rose also a new webring page.  And this page.

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